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Founded in 1972, Hawthorne/Stone has over forty years’ experience in the management and acquisition of residential and and commercial property.

We specialize in the management of multi-family and commercial properties in San Francisco. Our extensive experience enables us to successfully address the complexities of the San Francisco market; we know it is crucial to stay current with city rules and regulations, develop outstanding tenant relations, properly inspect and maintain properties, and have an expert understanding of the leasing market.

As a full-service management office, we customize our services for each property in our portfolio based on the needs of our clients. We focus on providing an elevated level of service to both the owners and tenants of our properties.

Hawthorne/Stone is a proud member of the San Francisco Apartment Association and the California Apartment Association, the nation’s largest statewide trade association representing owners, investors, developers, managers, and suppliers of apartment communities.


  • "I lived in a Hawthorne Stone building for a number of years and feel like I should give them credit as one of the better - if not the best - management groups I have seen and worked with. Hawthorne Stone's buildings always stood out to me as particularly well maintained. I highly recommend them to prospective tenants"

    M W Residential Tenant
  • "I am SO grateful to have Hawthorne and Stone management as my first  rental experience in San Francisco. If I call the office with a problem, I never get any attitude at all, just clear questions and answers. They clearly have very competent people working in all corners of this company."

    Annie W. Residential Tenant
  • "This management company is top notch! I've lived in a bunch of different spots in/around SF, and I have to say this one takes the prize. They're quick to respond to issues, very pleasant and helpful, and I just appreciated being a tenant with them, which I'm not sure I can say about anyone else."

    Beverly R. Residential Tenant

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